Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Shvartsers! Canada, Germany, Italy agree to take "refugees" Jews don't want... but not enough to satisfy Israelis who want them ALL gone

For months now Israeli Prime Minister (((Benjamin Netanyahu))) has been under pressure to get rid of the nearly 40,000 African "refugees" and asylum-seekers infesting his country, particularly the old capital, Tel Aviv, where this picture was taken.

Turns out the Jews don't like having goyim -- especially black goyim -- in their midst any better than we like having Jewish ghettos in our cities. In spite of a history of having been driven, often at gunpoint, from one part of the world to another, Jews can be just as xenophobic as the rest of us. And they don't like foreigners very much either.

As Walt reported in "Up to 34,000 African 'refugees' to be deported" (WWW 6/2/18), Mr Netanyahu's government came up with a plan to send most of them back to Africa. Not to their own shithole countries, like Eritrea and Somalia, which don't want them and won't take them, but to other, more peaceful (?) shithole countries, like Rwanda and Uganda, where they can be relatively safe and start new lives.

Sadly for all concerned, the threat of a forced expulsion didn't sit well with Bono and other non-Jewish do-gooders in other parts of the world. Even critics in the homeland of "the chosen people" called the plan unethical and "a stain on Israel's image as a refuge for Jewish migrants." (Not that the black asylum-seekers were Jews, but the phrase has a nice ring to it.)

Groups of Israeli doctors, academics, poets, Holocaust survivors and rabbis all appealed to halt the government's deportation plan, and the usually stubborn Prime Minister Netanyahu caved. This weekend he announced a new plan, worked out with the UNHCR (the refugee agency of the Disunted Nations), whereby some 16,000 "migrants" would be deported to Western countries -- Germany ("More Wilkommenskultur please!"), Italy (which just voted overwhelmingly for anti-immigration parties) and... wait for it... Canada ("Diversity is our strength!" - Trudeau II).

Sadly (again!) for Mr Netanyahu, 16,000 isn't even half the horde of "refugees" camping in shanty-towns and "jungles" in Tel Aviv and other urban areas. The rest, according to the new plan, would be granted official status and allowed to remain in Israel, where they would be "integrated" into Jewish society.

Yeah. Right. LOL. Except Israelis weren't laughing, but whining [Really? Ed.] and yelling NIMBY! So once again Bibi caved. In a dramatic about-face just hours after the announcement, he said in a Facebook post that he was suspending the implementation of the agreement with the UNHCR while he consults with his officials.

Indeed.... Will Canada, Italy and Germany get 1000s more unassimilable "refugees" -- most of them Muslims, by the way -- to make their populations even more diverse? Can the Israelis come up with another way to get rid of the undesirables while at the same time preserving their image as the original persecuted people? Will the (((controlled media))) denounce the Jews for being Islamophobic racists? Walt's predictions: Yes, Maybe and NO! Lifetime pct .985.

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