Monday, April 2, 2018

83% of French back expulsion of "most dangerous" foreigners

A new poll taken days after a self-proclaimed "soldier of ISIS" killed four people, including a heroic police officer, in the French town of Trèbes, shows the French public strongly support a serious crackdown on radical Islam. An overwhelming majority are in favour of deporting some 20,000 "most dangerous" foreigners tagged as "fiché S", meaning that security services have a file on them.

The poll, taken by Odoxa-Dentsu and published on March 30th in Le Figaro, gauged support for proposals put forward after the terrorist attack by Laurent Wauquiez, leader of France's newly-formed Republican Party. (Good choice of names, eh!)

Click on the graphic to enlarge it for ease of reading. If you don't read French, Walt will list M Wauquiez's four modest suggestions:
* Ban salafism (approved by 88% of respondents to the poll)
* Place in "administrative detention" the most dangerous "fiché S" cases (87% approval)
* Expel (= deport) the "fiché S" foreigners (83%)
* Re-establish the state of emergency lifted only a few weeks prior to the Trèbes "incident" (61%)

The blue circles show how support for the propositions breaks down according to the political preferences of those polled, from left ("de gauche") through "REM" (the party of President Macron) to right ("de droite") and "FN" (Marine Le Pen's Front National). It's worth noting that even leftists and centrist REM supporters approved the ideas put forward, with only one exception.

The bar graph at the left shows response to the question: Would you be in favour of some curtailment of liberties in order to better assure the security of the French people? 61% of those polled said YES, and even 50% of self-identified leftists agreed.

As for Salafism - a term which may be unfamiliar to some of our readers -- the majority of responders support banning of the radical Islamic sect, even though over half of them acknowledged that implementing the ban in France would be difficult, if not impossible. Breitbart London has previously reported on the nature of Salafism, which contains many radical preachers who see violence as legitimate in pursuance of its aims and which provides the intellectual basis for the Islamic State. A regional director of the German constitutional police said in 2017 that "every jihadist terrorist we've seen in Europe in recent years came from the Salafist scene."

The opinions of the French public are clear, and strong too. Will the government of Emmanuel Macron listen to the people? Are such politically incorrect opinions ever listened to by the government of any of our western democracies? Walt can think of only one prime minister or president who would heed the opinion of the people who elected him. I won't tell you his name but his initials are Donald Trump!

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