Friday, April 27, 2018

Christian crosses ordered to be hung in all government offices

Really! But (Walt hears you ask) where? Surely not in the AABC countries (America, Australia, Britain and Canada). `Struth, mate...surely not. But this is in "post-Christian" western Europe, specifically... wait for it... Germany! Well, in Bavaria, the most Catholic of all German states. Really.

As one of his first acts in office, Markus Söder, Bavaria's newly sworn-in state premier, has ordered that crosses be hung in all government buildings in the southern German state, by June 1st. He called the move an "avowal of Bavarian identity and Christian values."

Herr Söder said the directive was not a violation of constitutional rules about religious neutrality, the Premier explained, because it was a symbol of "Bavarian identity" rather than religion. He told the meeja that after the cabinet meeting at which the decision was made, he had immediately gone out to hang a cross in the lobby of the state chancellery in Munich.

The directive applies only to buildings housing agencies of the state of Bavaria, including all courts and school classrooms, but not local district buildings or federal buildings, over which the Bavarian government has no authority. It comes amid heated public debate over the role of religion in Germany society. Angela Merkel publicly rebuked her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, earlier this year after he claimed "Islam has no place in Germany."

Herr Söder, leader of the Christian Social Union (the Bavarian sister party to Frau Merkel's Christian Democrats), took over the premiership from Herr Seehohofer when the latter joined Frau Merkel's hastily cobbled-together coalition government in March. In spite of the criticism of his Islamophile boss, Herr Seehofer has steadfastly refused to walk back his statement or change his views on the issue.

Walt says Herzliche Glückwünsche to both of the courageous Christian politicians. God bless them, and send us in the politically correct AABC countries some politicians who will stand up for the Faith of our fathers!

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