Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Political correctness is fascism!" -- George Carlin

Toronto is Canada's biggest city, and, in the minds of its denizens, most important. The Toronto elites, and its media in particular, like to think that their city is to Canada as New York is to the Excited States of America. As if that's a good thing! Toronto wants so badly to be a "world class" city -- like New York -- that it emulates the Big Apple's tolerance of ghettos, gang violence, ridiculous housing prices and all the other things that make New York a great place to visit... etc.

Where was I going with this? Let's see... I go out of my way to not go to Toronto, unless Poor Len Canayen takes me to see the Maple Laffs get thrashed by le Canadien. I made an exception, though, on Monday, on the occasion of a convocation at which the son of one of my Agents received a professional licence. The ceremony was large, long and loaded with Important People who made speeches about the just society, celebrating diversity and suchlike codswallop. The fug of political correctness was so thick that I could scarcely breathe.

It has taken me a full day -- 24 hours -- to recover sufficiently to write even two paragraphs. But Ed. demands that this space be filled. [Hey. You're the one who set the target, so you're the one who has to meet it! Ed.] Therefore, we present a few well-chosen words from George Carlin on the subject of political correctness, which is slowly but surely robbing us of the power of clear and intelligent speech. Hear him.

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