Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Onion explains American reaction to Brexit

I've never reposted in toto anything from the Onion [Well, hardly ever. Ed.] but couldn't resist this very witty piece, headed "Americans Confused By System Of Government In Which Leader Would Resign After Making Terrible Decision".

In the wake of Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement that he would leave office following the United Kingdom’s vote to exit the European Union, tens of millions of Americans expressed their confusion to reporters Friday about a system of government in which a leader would resign after making a terrible decision.

“Wait, so he made a really awful choice with far-reaching negative consequences and now he’s just stepping down to let someone else take over? What?” said Colorado Springs, CO resident Evan Austin, echoing the sentiments of citizens across the United States who were left struggling to understand why a democratically elected head of government would relinquish control simply because they had been shown to have made a spectacularly bad judgment call.

“So he jeopardized the future of his country, and instead of spending the next several years remaining in power while trying to paper over his mistakes, he’s just gone? Where’s the part where he denies any wrongdoing or tries to blame somebody else? This is absolutely crazy.” The American public noted, however, that they completely understood the part where voters who had made a demonstrably terrible decision continued to double down on it.

Seems the Brits themselves were confused before, during and after Thursday's vote to leave the European Union. Top question of "What's the EU?" Ah democracy, ain't it grand? But as Churchill said -- paraphrasing here -- bad as it is, it's better than the alternatives.

Memo to the publishers of The Onion from Ed.: Don't lawyer up and threaten to sue Walt, because: (1) We gave you credit and printed the link. (2) We're not making any money out of WWW. (3) Walt doesn't have any money anyway, except maybe his UK pension, which is now worthless.

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