Saturday, June 4, 2016

Snoop Dog vs P.K. Subban... next year ???

Poor Len Canayen is having a longer-than-hoped-for summer vacation. But he's keeping his eye on all things Canadien (as in Canada's Team) and noticed a small announcement buried deep inside La Presse.

Seems like the Habs' alleged defenceman, P.K. Subban, knows that knowledgeable hockey types have seen through his act, and has decided to try his luck on the basketball court -- basketball being a game more suited to folks like him. As a warm-up, his PR people organized a friendly match between him and Snoop Dog [Who dat? Ed.], which was to have been held a week from today as part of the "Juste pour rire" ("Just for laughs") festival.

Note the tense there -- "was to have been held". The squib seen by Poor Len announced that the duel has been postponed until... wait for it... the summer of 2017. The official reason given is so that they could stage the event in the Bell Centre, and get bigger names, thus bigger crowds. As well, 2017 will be the 35th anniversary of "Juste pour rire" and the 375th anniversary of Montréal. Makes sense, eh.

Poor Len discounts the notion that the postponement has something to do with the uncertainty of Subban's future with la Sainte Flannelle. Less than four weeks remain until the no-trade clause in his contract kicks in. Stay tuned.

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