Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The "racist" card isn't Trump any more

Following the Orlando massacre, Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on immigration from all places who support or tolerate the Islamic terrorists who have declared themselves the enemies of America and its allies. He didn't name any countries in particular, but Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Syria spring to mind, along with several others. What do these states have in common? Islam is their official religion, and they are governed by Muslims, some of them according to Sharia law.

For suggesting that it might be a good idea not to admit into the USA people who might have an axe to grind -- so to speak -- Mr Trump was immediately and stridently called a racist. Ho hum. Does that matter to anyone, in the light of what's happened in Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, etc etc? A growing number of Americans seem to be saying, "If this be racism, make the most of it."

At least, that's what Scott "Dilbert" Adams found when he did a little polling on Twitter today.

If I were Hellery Clinton, I wouldn't count on the racism card to be the ace of trumps any more.

Footnote: In the comments section, "CatherineEarnshaw" posted this editorial cartoon, which I think pretty much sums up the approach of la Clinton, the Prez and the lamestream media.

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