Tuesday, June 7, 2016

SHOCK! Scott "Dilbert" Adams endorses Clinton!

Yes, folks, you read right! Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has been accused for lo these many months of being an apologist for Donald Trump. (In reality, he's just been calling attention to the fact that, no matter what you think of his politics, The Donald's powers of persuasion are awe-inspiring.) Now Mr. Adams has apparently made an amazing about-face, with a surprise weekend endorsement of the Once-and-future First Lady.

But... here comes the spoiler alert... Mr Adams says, in his blog, that endorsing Hellery out of concern for his own physical well-being. Click here to read his reasons, as posted in his blog on June 5th. Walt suspects that he had his tongue stuck firmly in his cheek when he wrote it. If you want my opinion, here it is.

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