Monday, June 11, 2018

VIDEO: Starbucks sensitivity training

No matter what Donald Trump says, the truth is that Canadians are always playing catch-up, trying to keep up with their American cousins, not just in trade but in entertainment, culture [There's "culture" in America? Ed.], politics (e.g. Doug Ford's win in Ontario a year and a half after the Trump Triumph), and, sure enough, political correctness.

Earlier this year, after two black men got arrested for loitering in one of its Philthydelphia stores, Starbucks discovered that it had a problem with cultural insensitivity. (Loitering comes naturally to black dudes, see, and you're not allowed to call them on it.) So they decided to close all the stores in the Paranoid States of America on May 29th to give the baristas a Special High Intensity Training course in sensitivity.

A bit later, somebody at HQ said to somebody else, "Hey, we forgot about Canada!" The response likely was, "We have stores there? Oh geez, better put them down for some of that SHIT too!" And so, Agent 3 informs me, SHIT happened in Canada today, from sea to sea to sea. Agent 3 donned a green apron and snuck into one of the sessions, from which he sent this spycam video.

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