Friday, June 1, 2018

MAGA to MAAA - Walt explains President Trump's "trade war" strategy

The (((controlled media))) in the USA, Canada and western Europe are aghast at the American government's announcement, yesterday, that punishing tariffs against imported steel, aluminum and other products would go into effect today.

The importation of such good from coutries such as Canada and Mexico, the administration says, constitutes a threat to national security. Mr Dressup, the Acting Prime Minister of Canada, calls that claim "absurd", and for once he is right. But that doesn't mean President Trump is wrong to fire the first shot in what could become a global trade war. Walt will explain.

Next weekend Canada is due to hose ["host", shurely! Ed.] the G-7 summit, a meeting of the leaders of the world's seven most economically important countries, including Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Canada, and the USA. [That's only six. Ed.] [I can't remember the seventh. Would you believe Italy? Walt] A few years ago they were trying to bring Russia into the circle, to make it G-8, but President Putin wasn't having any. Now the libtards on the "At Issue" segment of the CBC national news are suggesting that the coming meeting will really be the G-6+1, since (they say) President Trump has clearly signalled his intention of "taking the USA out of the world community". That is not absurd. Walt will explain.

The "world community" is a pretty sick community. With the possible exception of Japan and the certain exception of the red half of the Paranoid States of America, the G-7 is infected with four fatal diseases, which are killing western, Christian (?) civilization, slowly but surely. The diseases, which are now not epidemic but endemic, are:
Globalism - aka one-worldism; the rich must give their wealth to the poor
Multiculturalism - all races and cultures are equally good, but the white race is not so good as the others
Secularism - denying religion and the need for religion; making man into god
Relativism - the notion that all cultures, are civilizations are of equal value

We could add liberalism and "progressivism", which are the creeds of all right-thinking people in western Europe and North America, according to the elites and opinion-makers who know (better than you and I) what's wrong with the world -- racism, colonialism, white supremacy, yada yada yada -- and what must be done to fix it. What's that, you ask? Why, the establishment of a one-world government, of course, so that the Disunited Nations can rule us all. Political rock stars like Canada's Trudeau II are practically wetting themselves in anticipation of being chosen Benevolent Dictator of the Brave New World.

"Join us! Join us!", the one-worlders say to the only country which stands apart from the movement to make us all one big happy family. That country is the USA. The Prez nearly succeeded in eradicating American exceptionalism and surrendering the country to the feckless foreigners. Truly, Americans dodged a bullet by rejecting Barry's anointed successor, the one who would carry on his "legacy". Under President Trump, America stands alone against the suicide of the west, and a good thing too!

It's not easy to read POTUS' mind [Reminder: Comments are moderated! Ed.] but my take on the imposition of tariffs against America's "allies" -- like the French surrender-monkeys -- is that it's just part of a bigger vision, which is... wait for it... to take the USA out of the so-called "world community". However timidly, Britiain is backing out of the European Union. Why can't America leave the G-7, the World Trade Organization, the UN, and any other international organization which exists chiefly to subjugate the USA and "redistribute" American wealth to the shithole countries of the world? If that's President Trump's real goal, Walt says GO FOR IT! Make America Great Again is a good idea. Make America Alone Again is even better!

Further reading:

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