Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Where's Walto?

Ed. here. Walt is on assignment, as they say in the meeja, observing what looks like being an interesting election in Ontario (Ontario, Canada, not Ontario, California).

Kathleen Wynne, proud lesbian and Premier of the province until tomorrow night has already thrown in the pink towel, conceding Saturday morning that there's no way she and her Liberal Party can be returned to power. Walt says they will be lucky to hold onto two seats in the 124-seat legislature.

The real contest is between the socialist(ish) New Democratic Party, led by Andrea Horwath and the oxymoronical Progressive Conservative Party, which, under new leader Doug Ford (brother of the late mayor of Toronto) is emphasizing the second half of its name rather than the first. Walt has endorsed Mr Ford, but is more than a little unhappy with his decision to reject the candidacy of Tanya Granic Allen.

The latest polls show the PCs with a thin margin in the popular vote, but a substantial lead in the projected number of seats, enough to form a majority government, after 15 years of Liberal misrule. I expect a report from Walt on Friday, DV. Stay tuned.

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