Friday, June 8, 2018

Asylum-seeker who raped and murdered German teen arrested in Iraq

Just a short story off the AP mojo wire to get your blood boiling today. Inspektor Katzenjammer of the German Polizei told the meeja today that a young follower of the Prophet man alleged to have raped and murdered a 14-year-old schoolgirl in western Germany has been arrested in his homeland. Ali Bashar, aged 20, was arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Iraq early Friday at the request of German authorities.

The girl disappeared on May 22nd and her body was found in Wiesbaden on Wednesday, about the same time Mr Bashar and his family left Germany, travelling to northern Iraq via Turkey. What had Mr Bashar and his family been doing in the Fatherland? Why, they were "refugees", of course.

The accused rape-murderer arrived in Germany in 2015, at the crest of the tidal wave of "refugees", asylum-seekers and other less-than-desirable migrants. His asylum application was rejected, but of course he was still in Germany, appealing the rejection. Meanwhile, police allege, he was running around loose, committing a string of offences in the same area.

That's the problem with the immigration and justice "systems" in Germany, Canada, and the rest of the nations of western Europe and North America. Scum like Mr Bashar have the benefit of due process, so their bogus claims of persecution yada yada yada in their shithole countries get a sympathetic hearing. If their claims are rejected, they have a right of appeal -- all this with the assistance of legal counsel paid out of the public purse, of course -- and even if they are ordered deported, such orders are almost never executed.

And so the jihadis, criminals, misfits, remain amongst us. The doors to our homelands, now opened by the liberals and SJWs, cannot be shut again. What fools we be.

Further reading: "Italian Populist Interior Minister Vows Deportations After Viral Police Migrant Attack Video", Breitbart News, 8/6/18. "Italy’s populist deputy Prime Minister has rallied to the defence of police officers who were hospitalised by a migrant gang during an illegal goods seizure.... The provincial secretary of a police union...said the incident gave 'a snapshot of a paradoxical situation in our city, with people who live constantly outside the law, practising an illegal trade, in the belief that the institutions can not do anything against them.'" Trouble is, he's right!

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