Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Political victory for Marine Le Pen: French deport migrants FAST

Marine Le Pen lost France's presidential election last year, but is now justified in claiming a moral victory as centrist (read: not quite socialist) President Emmanuel Macron adopts exactly the kind anti-migrant policies and tactics she advocated. The difference is nobody calls M Macron a racist or Islamophobe. They say only that he's being practical about cleaning the garbage off the streets of Paris.

While mouthing the usual liberal platitudes about brotherhood and diversity -- "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" and all that -- the French President has made clear he doesn't want economic migrants in France. As for the "refugees" and asylum-seekers, M Macron wants those who don't qualify for expelled, and quickly too!

M Macron has promised the French people, who are more than fed up with having to thread their way through hordes of bogus refugees -- mostly brown or black, mostly Muslim -- thronging the streets of the City of Light, that he will get migrants off France's streets and out of forest hideouts by the end of this year. With four days left, it's a safe bet that won't happen (lifetime pct .989) but the authorities are ramping up expulsions and allowing ID checks in emergency shelters. Can you imagine that happening in New York or Los Angeles or Toronto?!

The French president doesn't even want migrants to try to come to his country. He has been rolling out a multi-pronged approach that stretches to Africa (where most of the bogus claimants come from), with points set up in Chad and Niger to weed out potential economic migrants and preselect those certain of gaining asylum. Back at home, Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has ordered prefects to crack down on illegal immigration, "act quickly" to expel those who fail to gain asylum and report results within weeks.

That was in November. This month M Collomb went even farther, ordering regional authorities to set up mobile teams to run checks in emergency housing to ascertain the status of migrants. Emergency shelters are considered bedrocks of the French tradition of open arms to those in need and have been considered untouchable, even by security authorities, much like American "sanctuary cities".

Critics contend that Macron's increasingly tough policy on migrants contradicts his image as a humanist who defeated an anti-immigrant populist (Mme Le Pen) for the presidency, and has crossed a line passed by no other president in the land that prides itself as the cradle of human rights. And what does the leader of the Front National say? Probably the French equivalent of "I told you so."

Footnote: A learned professor at a French university tut-tutted that President Macron's policy was the toughest seen since World War II, and was really inconsistent with French respect for human rights, yada yada yada. He may have forgotten that just after WWII (before Mme Le Pen was born), the greatest French president of all time, Charles de Gaulle, warned that measures such as those now being employed would be necessary to keep France France! Click here to read le Général's warning to the French people.

Further reading: "Ann Coulter: 'Let's Start by Deporting the DREAMers!'", Breitbart News, 25/12/17.

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