Wednesday, December 13, 2017

VIDEO: Michael Matt excoriates the latest stupidities from the Vatican

That's "stupidities", plural. Michael Matt, Editor of The Remnant newspaper, is audibly and visibly out of patience with the pontificate of Pope Francis, and with the Holy? Father himself. Was it really necessary, he asks, for the Vatican's Christmas Nativity scene to include a statue of a naked man? Does the Our Father (or Lord's Prayer, if you like) really need to be edited? The Pope's call to correct the 2000-year-old prayer dominates international headlines and confounds Catholics and Protestants alike. With Mr Matt we say, "STOP IT, FRANCIS!"

And there's more. At about 10:30 of the video, Mr Matt reports the good news -- something of a rarity in the Church today -- of the Pledge of Fidelity now being circulated and signed by pro-life and pro-family leaders throughout the world. They pledge to resist pastors -- including Pope Francis -- who deviate from authentic Church teaching on marriage and the family.

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