Wednesday, December 27, 2017

VIDEO BLOCKED! 6 New Year's resolutions for Hellery Clinton

Your liberal friends will love this one, originally tweeted by Vanity Fair, to whom Walt tips the ole chapeau.

Anna Wintour, the editor of Vanity Fair (and, by the way, a Brit), started apologizing profusely within hours of the video appearing on the Internet. Here's President Trump's reaction to Ms Wintour's egregious arselicking.

UPDATED 12/1/18: The person who posted this video has just sent us a copy of a notice from YouTube stating that the video has been blocked "at the request of CondeNast" (the owners of Vanity Fair) for infringement of their copyright. Sure, could be that... or could be that YouTube tries to limit or block entirely criticism of the First Lady Who Would Be President. Doesn't really matter. Hellery probably abandoned any aspirations to the presidensity she may have held once the Hollywood glitterati came out in favour of Oprah.

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