Monday, December 11, 2017

Port Authority terminal bomber inspired by ISIS - "Allahu akbar!"

While I was writing the ppst about President Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel -- scroll down -- Ed. has been following the breaking news of the bombing near the Port Authority terminal in New York City. We hope Fox News won't mind our reposting, almost verbatim, their latest report. (Hey! We're building up your readership here!)

Fox News says that a Bangladeshi national living in Brooklyn prematurely detonated his "low tech device" in an "attempted terrorist attack" inside New York City's Port Authority bus terminal Monday morning -- a blast that rocked the city during rush hour, causing chaos and halting several subway lines.

In a hastily called news conference, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said that Akayed Ullah, 27, set off the "effectively low tech device" in a subway passageway just before 0730 EST. Mr Ullah suffered burns and wounds to his body and appeared to be the only person seriously injured in the pipe bomb explosion, authorities said. At least three other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Said the Gov, "This is New York, the reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom." New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio concurred, saying, "This was attempted terrorist attack." Neither Mr Cuomo nor Mr De Blasio mentioned the words "Islamist", "Muslim" or "ISIS".

However, law enforcement sources told the New York Post that Mr Ullah's attack was inspired by ISIS. The suspect allegedly packed the 5-inch metal pipe bomb and battery pack into the right side of his jacket, but the device exploded earlier than intended. The suspect told police he made the bomb at the electrical company where he works.

This is breaking news. We'll have more later, although to be honest, the only thing I'm waiting for is a statement from the perp that he did it to protest POTUS' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Stay tuned.

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