Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Meanwhile, the investigation into "collusion" with Russia continues

While researching yesterday's post on the successes of President Trump, Ed. stumbled across a website we hadn't seen before:, which (to our surprise) is part of the USA Today network. They have a columnist and cartoonist -- there's a parlay for ya -- who goes by the name of Gary Varvel. From a quick read of some of his posts, Walt takes Mr Varvel for an evangelical Christian, which is almost as good as being a traditional Catholic.

Mr Varvel shares our views on President Trump. Click here to read "Trump’s successes have been underreported", which, by an amazing coincidence was posted yesterday. His list of the achievements of the Trump administration is more complete than ours [yet more succinct. Ed.]. [Whose fault is that? Walt]

If you liked that, you can sign up for Gary Varvel's e-newsletter Views from the Right. Tell him Walt sent ya, and wish him MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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