Friday, December 8, 2017

Reverse racism rules at the Canadian Broadcorping Castration

In Adios America!, Ann Coulter dissects and gives numerous examples of the extraordinary lengths the (((controlled))) lamestream media -- Hello, New York Times ! -- goes to to suppress any information about the race, ethnicity, religion and/or immigration status of persons accused of crimes. Descriptions of perps routinely omit words, such as "black", which might help the general public to indentify the wrong-doers and thus assist the police in bringing them to what we laughingly call "justice".

Here's a case in point from the Great No-longer-white North. Last Saturday, a young man by the name of Yosif Al-Hasnawi (religion and immigration status unreported) had just left his mosque in downtown Hamilton ON, when he spotted two men accosting another man. Mr Al-Hasnawi tried to intervene and was subsequently shot by one of the assailants. Hamilton police issued a warrant for James Burningsky King, pictured below.

The picture at right was the first one released, apparently taken from police files. The picture at left was released a couple of days later, by which time Mr King had cut his hair and shaved off his facial hair, thus rendering himself less identifiable as a... errr... First Nations person, or indigenous person, or, to use the now proscribed, politically incorrect term, Indian.

Canadians (and probably Americans too) would have figured out his race anyway, from his name. Unless of course they listened to Canada's state broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration. Reporting on his arrest yesterday (in the vicinity of the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation reserve near Hagersville ON), the CBC used only the left-hand picture and identified the accused, now facing a murder charge, as plain old "James Kind". The ultra-PC broadcaster has thus done its bit to avert race war between Muslim migrants and the warriors of the Six Nations. Good for them!

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