Thursday, December 27, 2018

VIDEO: Marine Le Pen explains the Yellow Vest protests

This is a follow-up to our posts earlier this month on the gilets jaunes (= yellow vests) protests which started in France and spread to other European countries, and even Canada. See "What the 'Yellow Vests' want for France - good for us too?", WWW 10/12/18.

That report was a long one, containing as it did a chart of the demands of the protesters, along my list, in English, of what I considered to be the key points of their manifesto. About the time we posted that item, Emmanuel Macron, the Emperor of France [actually President pro tem (we hope). Ed.] gave a televised address in which he announced a few tepid reforms intended to placate the yellow vest protesters. 23 million Frenchmen/women watched the speech, carried on RTV, the state broadcaster.

For some reason (LOL), the state broadcaster chose not to air the response of Walt's favourite female politician, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front. Her explanation of what the French people want, and why M Macron's condescending "reforms" are insufficient was posted on her Facebook page the following day, and has now appeared on YouTube. Here it is -- the truth in under six minutes!

Further reading: "Eurabia news roundup - latest on the yellow vests", WWW 17/12/18.

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