Wednesday, September 28, 2016

UPDATED: Here's what Trump said that voters will remember

The following is taken, without edit or comment, from "Trump lost the debate by every normal standard. But these aren't normal times" by Michael den Tandt -- no Trumpie he -- in Canada's Postmedia papers.

Here’s a bet: In a week, most of Twitter will have forgotten the details of Trump’s numerous falsehoods Monday, because he’ll have uttered new ones, perhaps more outrageous.

But viewers will remember he said this: On trade, bring back our jobs and stop the dastardly foreigners from stealing them away. On gun violence, crime and race, impose law and order in the inner city. On national security, smash ISIL and force the feckless Europeans (and Canadians, surely) in NATO to do some of the work, for once in their worthless lives.

Further reading, added 28/9/16: "Why Hillary won the first round on points, why it probably won't do her any good, and why she can be sure Trump will come out swinging harder next time", by Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail (UK), 27/9/16.

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