Saturday, September 24, 2016

"I only came to fuck the women," sez Muslim "asylum-seeker"

Muslim "refugees" and asylum-seekers in their 1000s are spreading throughout Europe, a-rippin', a-rappin' and a-rapin'! And the Europeans can't get rid of them. Today's case in point comes from Austria, where Nachtrichten.ap reports that a Muslim "asylum-seeker" whose claim was rejected is now on trial for an attempted rape in the city of Linz. When asked why he came to Austria, he told he only came to Europe to "fuck the women."

Last April, the 35-year-old citizen of Algeria attacked a 41-year-old woman at a bus stop. Timea Lorenz, who went public with a description of her ordeal, fought back bravely. By the time the attacker had pulled her pants off and lay down on top of her, she had bitten him through the lip. The Arab then punched her several times in the face before running off. Ms Lorenz lost consciousness and suffered severe injuries, including a broken nose. Witnesses, alerted by the noise, observed the attacker running off half-naked, bleeding profusely.

The would-be rapist, who cannot be named for reasons which (of course) have nothing to do with political correctness, was denied asylum in Austria in 2012, and deported to Hungary, from where he had entered the country. However, he returned some time later, using a fake French passport. In November 2015 he was arrested for an attack upon a 58-year-old woman, and ordered deported. However, since there is no extradition treaty between Austria and Algeria, the deportation order could not be enforced. Algeria routinely refuses to take back any of its citizens who have been successful in getting into Europe.

So what to do with this criminal? The Austrians have decided to test him for insanity. And of course they're reconsidering his claim for asylum, because he's obviously one of those poor, downtrodden, "marginalized" followers of the "religion of peace", who we have a duty to protect, yada yada yada. Isn't that why he came to Europe? Err, maybe not. Here's what he told the court: "Ich bin nach Österreich gekommen, um hier die Frauen zu ficken." Obviously not insane!

Further reading: "9 'refugees' rape Austrian woman; news hushed up until after election", WWW 21/8/16.

Footnote: As reported here 3/7/16, the Austrian Freedom Party was successful in having the result of the disputed presidential election (referred to in the headline cited above) set aside. A do-over was scheduled for next month, but has not been postponed because of, errr, "technical difficulties" with the postal ballots -- the same problem that caused the previous election to be voided! Curious, isn't it....

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