Friday, September 2, 2016

Citizen revolt begins: Queer sex ed costs Ontario Liberals by-election

Meet the wimmin responsible for Ontario's "new, improved, modern" sex education curriculum. On the left is Kathleen "No" Wynne, the Premier of the province (like being governor of a US state), and proud to be a lesbian. On the right (not politically, only in the picture), is former Education Minister Lez "Sensible" Sandals, who is not proud to be a lesbian.

A couple of years ago, following the surprise re-election of Ms Wynne's liberal Liberal government, the two of them conspired to reintroduce the LGBTQ-friendly sex ed course which had been shelved by the previous Premier following protests from the majority of Ontarians who are not into gender ideology, celebrating sexual diversity, and, errr, perversion. See "Anger mounts at "graphic revisions" to ON sex ed curriculum".

The new curriculum was largely the work of Dr. Benjamin Levin, a top mandarin in the Ministry of Education who moved on "to pursue other career options" following the revelation that he was a paedophile who had abused his own pre-teen daughters. See "Pervert responsible for Ontario sex ed curriculum claimed he had sex with pre-teen daughters, court hears". But (said the ladeez) never mind. All progressive people can see the need to teach the kiddies about sexting, masturbation, the benefits of being "two-spirited", and the new morality. So Dr. Levin's new curriculum went into effect a year ago, as scheduled.

Last night (Agent 3 reports), the voters of the Toronto riding of Scarborough-Rouge River showed that they were not so progressive, and definitely not happy with having kids as young as 6 being taught about sex when they should be concentrating on the three R's. In a byelection which Ms Wynne was forced to call following the the sudden and mysterious resignation of the Liberal MPP, the voters rejected the Premier's hand-picked candidate and elected Progressive Conservative [an oxymoron, if ever there was one. Ed.] Raymond Cho, by a comfortable margin.

Mr Cho maintained that sex education curriculum was the voters' top concern. "When I look at my riding, the huge majority are Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Chinese. All these parents are quite concerned about this issue," Cho told the CBC. Complaints from parents in the super-diverse district ranged from not being consulted enough to the lessons being age-inappropriate to anger over mentions of same-sex relationships, gender identities and masturbation.

The byelection race was dominated in the last week by a Tory flip-flop on sex education. A letter distributed under the name of PC leader Patrick Brown name promised that a Progressive Conservative government would "scrap" updates to the curriculum. It would have been a popular promise, Mr Brown acknowledged, saying there was deep opposition to the curriculum in that riding. But he disavowed the letter days later, saying he didn't know about it and actually won't scrap the curriculum despite what he calls a lack of parental consultation. Sadly for the Liberal candidate, Mr Brown's reversal didn't make it into the "ethnic media" which dominate that part of Toronto.

So... Mr Cho won. Walt congratulates him, and hopes that Mr Brown will reverse his reversal. As for Ms Wynne, in a statement shortly after the outcome was announced, the Premier said, "The result in Scarborough-Rouge River is disappointing and gives me cause for reflection." Perhaps she is reflecting on the best to way to avoid any more byelections between now and the general election scheduled for the spring of 2018.

Footnote: If you click on the link to see the official tally from Elections Ontario, you'll notice that an independent candidate named Queenie Yu got 2.32% of the vote, a HUGE number for an independent. Ms Yu was a one-issue candidate, running, with the support of Parents As First Educators (PAFE) to protest the teaching of perversion in Ontario Schools.

Another footnote: Agent 3 says 90% of the residents of Scarborough-Rouge River are vizmins. That makes whities the REAL vizmins in that chunk of the Great No-Longer-White North. But hey, the "newcomers", unlike "old stock Canadians" are standing up for traditional values!

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