Monday, September 12, 2016

UPDATED: What Hillary's sunglasses say about her "medical episode"

It's a good thing Walt had a bit of a rest in August, because in terms of news that demands comment, September is turning out to be a humdinger [How old are you?! Ed.] Earlier today, I thought we were about finished with the topic of Hellery's health (or lack thereof), but it turns out I missed an important clue in the second video embedded in "Hellery's 9/11 'medical episode'".

Check out the sunglasses. Kind of too-cool for a lady who's getting close to the three-score-and-ten, don't you think? Turns out those are Zeiss Z1 blue lenses, manufactured in Zeiss's precision tinting laboratories in Aalen, Germany. They produce over 7000 lenses every day, for a number of practical and therapeutic uses.

"Therapeutic uses, such as what?", I hear you ask. The answer may be found in "Suppressive Efficacy by a Commercially Available Blue Lens on PPR in 610 Photosensitive Epilepsy Patients", a learned paper in Epilepsia, the official journal of the International League Against Leprosy. Here's the conclusion: "The Z1 lens is highly effective in controlling PPR [photoparoxysmal response] in a very large number of photosensitive epilepsy patients irrespective of their epilepsy or antiepileptic drug treatment. The lens might become a valid resource in the daily activity of any clinician who cares for patients with epilepsy."

"Photoparoxysmal response" (PPR) means a seizure triggered by a light source, such as:
Television screens or computer monitors, due to the flicker or rolling images.
Certain video games or TV broadcasts containing rapid flashes or alternating patterns of different colours.
Intense strobe lights, such as visual fire alarms.
Natural light, such as sunlight, especially when shimmering off water, flickering through trees or through the slats of Venetian blinds.
Certain visual patterns, especially stripes of contrasting colours.
And (maybe) flashing lights on the top of buses or emergency vehicles.

See? [No jokes, please. This is a serious matter! Ed.] OK. Remember this photo from the Democratic convention?

Is all this starting to fit together now? Am I deplorable for suggesting there may be more to Hillary's condition than meets the eye? [I warned you. You're done for the day. Ed.]

VIDEO LINK ADDED 15/9/16: Click here to see Dr. Ted Noel's reaction to the "pneumonia" story.

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  1. Could the glasses be to hide the eyes of a double? Just askin'...