Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brits to build wall to keep Muslim invaders out

Build a wall to keep illegal immigrants from invading your country? What a great idea! How Trumpian! But wait a minute. We're not talking about a wall between the Paranoid States of America and Mexico. We're talking Britain and France! But wait another minute. Isn't there already a wall of water -- the English Channel -- which separates those two countries? To understand this story, you need to know that the British have already established -- at the request of the French -- a (theoretically) secure area at Calais, at the French end of the Eurotunnel. Anyone wishing to go through security into the Chunnel and thence to British soil is supposed to have the proper papers. Many do not.

Just outside the British port area is a "refugee" camp known as "The Jungle", which is home to about 7000 "refugees" and asylum-seekers, the vast majority of them young Muslim men from the Middle East and North Africa. More of them arrive every day, all hoping to reach the UK by stowing away on trucks and trains going through the Chunnel.

To discourage them, the French have poured in hundreds of cops, and the Brits have built high barbed-wire fences to keep the invaders away from freight trains, the port and the highway. But the security guards and barbed wire have failed. The migrants are using increasingly dangerous tactics to slow trucks and hitch a ride. Others are scaling the barbed wire barricades and making a dash for it. 11 would-be migrants have died so far this year.

Now the British propose to erect a wall -- 13 feet high and a kilometre long -- to keep the Muslims out. It's part of a new 17 million GBP security package agreed to by the UK and France last week. The British Minister of Home Affairs told the House of Commons yesterday that construction of the wall, along the main highway to the port, would start very soon. "We've done the fence; now we are doing a wall," said the Hon. Robert Goodwill. (Seriously. That's his name.)

Lesson for Americans: The next time someone tells you The Donald is talking crazy when he suggests building a wall along the border with Mexico, tell them he got the idea from the reasonable, non-racist British!

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