Monday, September 12, 2016

Even Washington Post admits Clinton's health "now a real issue"

The lamestream media was thrown into a real tizzy by Hillary Clinton's "medical episode" yesterday morning.

After months of denying that there's something wrong with Mrs Bill, even the New York Times and the Washington Post allow that it would be a good thing if La Clinton would be less secretive about her health issues.

The Times' Adam Nagourney tweeted "Feels like a good day for Clinton to release her medical records and call on Trump to do same." Walt imagines that The Donald will accept that challenge. Will Hellery? Errr, probably not. (Lifetime pct .983.)

In the Washington Post, Christopher Cillizza opines that Mrs Clinton's fainting spell (or whatever it was) "will catapult questions about her health from the ranks of conservative conspiracy theory to perhaps the central debate in the presidential race...."

Mr Cillizza quotes Clinton spokesthingy Nick Merrill as saying, "During the ceremony, she felt overheated, so departed to go to her daughter's apartment and is feeling much better." What's wrong with that statement (Mr Cillizza writes) is that "a) it came 90 minutes after Clinton left the ceremony; b) reporters -- or even a reporter -- were not allowed to follow her; and c) the temperature in New York City at the time of Clinton's overheating was in the low 80s." Not exactly heat stroke weather.

So now they're telling us it was more than just "overheating". Now that the doctors -- medical and spin -- have got their story together, the official line is that Mrs Clinton's coughing fits were caused by an allergy and were unrelated to a case of pneumonia that she developed, errr, quite recently. In "fact", they say, the candidate is "feeling great", just as she said in the second video. Yeah, right....

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