Tuesday, September 6, 2016

UPDATED: Guess what? Trump leads latest polls!

Not so long ago, the lamestream media were assuring us that Hellery had a lock on the presidential race. Since then, as Walt told you recently, she's been keeping shtum lest she say anything which would reinforce the public perception that she's a liar and a crook. Her silence has allowed The Donald to creep up behind her, and now... whoda thunk it... he's edging ahead!

The New York Times reports today that a survey from CNN/ORC shows 45% of likely voters backing Mr Trump, with 43% supporting La Clinton. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate who is banking on a late surge in the polls to be included in the presidential debates, sits in third place at seven per cent (7%). Statistically, given the usual margin of error in these polls, that's a tie, but still... Trump is leading!

Further reading (added 7/9/16):
"Trump closes in on Clinton as US election enters final stretch, polls suggest" - Analysis by the CBC's √Čric Grenier. Synopsis: If it comes down to temperament, Clinton wins. If it comes down to trust, Trump wins.
"President Trump Isn’t Farfetched" - Wall Street Journal, 6/9/16. Subhead: "Pundits treat Clinton like a shoo-in, but polls tell a different story. Victory is well within Trump’s reach." (As I was saying... Walt)

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