Thursday, September 29, 2016

VIDEO: Who won the 1st Debate? A Catholic commentary

I've tried to keep religion out of my comments on the US presidential election, but keep reading comments in the lamestream media that all the Catholics are getting behind Shrillery Clinton, because Donald Trump's policies are racist, xenophobic, nationalist, isolationist, anti-environment -- everything that the Church is against.

I wonder how anyone is supposed to know what the mainstream Catholic Church stands for nowadays, but let's leave that aside for now. The fact is that a lot of traditional Catholics -- those who cling to the Faith of our fathers -- are supporting Mr Trump because, with all his faults, he is more likely to do things that we think must be done -- defunding Planned Parenthood, for example -- than is the Worst of the Worst (that would be Hellery), beholden as she is to the "rats, rodents and vermin" for whom she fronts.

That phrase comes from our old friend Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant. Here's his take on the first Debate. Worth a look.

Further viewing: Part 1 of Mr Matt's commentary: "Who's Behind America's Race War?" If you're a regular reader of WWW, the answer won't surprise you, but [spoiler deleted. Ed.]

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