Tuesday, January 31, 2017

UPDATED: Québec massacre: whodunnit... and WHY?

Since January 1st, 99% of the news -- not just in the Excited States of America but overseas -- seems to involve President Donald Trump. Since his election, the USA and the world -- the Western world at least -- is more polarized than ever before. The lamestream media and the self-righteous liberals want us to believe that it's all Mr Trump's fault, but the polarization began long BT (Before Trump). It arose out of the consequences of the failed social and foreign policies of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.

The American people elected President Trump because they were fed up with seeing the USA going downhill, so they bought into Mr Trump's promise to make America great again. So now, everything that happens, anywhere in the world, good or bad, happens because of something Trump did. Case in point: Sunday night's massacre of six Ahmadiyya Muslims (19 others were wounded or injured) in Québec City, the heart of French-speaking Canada.

When the news broke, we were told there were two shooters, and possibly a third who was the object of a search by a SWAT team. But two shooters for sure. I wrote "Two suspects have been arrested. We have not been told whether they are 'Muslim Canadians' or 'old stock Canadians'..." Turns out it was one of each! Québec city police identified the two men arrested following the deadly shooting as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir.

"Mohamed Khadir" turned out to be Mohamed Belkhadir, a Canadian resident originally from Morocco. He had been shovelling snow when he heard gunshots; when they stopped he entered the mosque to call 911. "I saw the image of someone with a firearm, I didn't know it was police. I thought it was a shooter who'd returned," M Belkhadir told Radio Canada. Naturally he fled, but was caught and arrested outside the mosque within mere minutes. Yesterday afternoon he was released, after police confirmed he was a witness and not involved in the shooting.

Of course there was no question of racial profiling there, except perhaps on the part of folks like Ezra Levant and (ahem) your obedient servant. As I wrote in yesterday's update, a witness reported hearing shouts of "Allahu akbar!" I admit to jumping to the conclusion that the massacre was yet another episode in the Muslim civil war, an attack by Islamic extremists on moderate Ahmadiyya Muslims. How M Bissonnette fitted in was unclear, but it was possible (I thought) that he was yet another "homegrown terrorist", perhaps a radicalized convert to Muslim. Canada has had a couple of cases like that in the recent past.

Now the police say that there was only the one shooter -- Alexandre Bissonnette -- who they have charged with six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder. What motivated this man to shoot up a mosque-full of innocent Muslims? The answer, according to the Canuck media this morning, is... wait for it... Donald Trump!

That's right, boys and girls! The official liberal party line is that President's Trump's "anti-Muslim" rhetoric and ban on travellers from seven predominantly Muslim countries has "emboldened" Islamophobes and "haters" like M Bissonnette to step up their "crusade" against the followers of Islam, "the religion of peace".

What we know about Alexandre Bissonnette is that he's a French-speaking "old stock Canadian", born and raised in la Belle Province. According to his Facebook page (since taken down), he is from Cap-Rouge, a suburb of Québec City. He was a student at Université Laval, and worked part-time in a call centre. He and his twin brother were renting an apartment near the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec, where the shooting took place. A neighbour described M Bissonnette as very introverted, "a very closed-off young man."

A neighbour of M Bissonnette's parents called him "a child," adding "You couldn't find one more calm than that. He never did anything, he always kept to himself. We never heard of anything." Another neighbour, Réjean Bussiè​re, described M Bissonnette as "a young man who is extremely withdrawn." The Bissonnette brothers were not the kind to bother others, M Bussiè​re said, "but they were not social people."

Do you see anything there to suggest M Bissonnette is the sort of person who would take it into his head to go out and kill some Muslims? The suggestion that he's an Islamophobic nutbar was, in fact, planted by a group of activists calling themselves "Bienvenue aux réfugiés", whose mission is to welcome refugees -- especially Muslim refugees -- the Great No-longer-white North. On their Facebook page, they expressed "pain and anger" over the news, adding that the suspect "unfortunately known to several activists in Quebec City for his pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist positions at Laval University and on social networks."

Aha! Alexandre Bissonnette likes Marine Le Pen! And he doesn't like feminists! Indeed, according to police, his Facebook page showed M Bissonnette to be a follower of "several profiles that espouse right-wing ideologies". So there you have it. The proper conclusion to which we should now jump is that M Bissonnette is a Trumper -- secretly if not overtly -- and probably a member of a vast right-wing conspiracy to kill every Muslim North America, if not the world. No less an authority on right-wing conspiracies than J.K. Rowling tells us so.

UPDATE ADDED 5/2/17: Gavin McInnes gives his take on what really happened. He thinks the Muslim guy got a plea deal to negate the suggestion that there is a Muslim problem in Canada. Click here to see the video: running time 7:41.

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