Monday, January 30, 2017

UPDATE on Québec mosque massacre - "Allahu akbar!"

As the dawn comes up like thunder over the Citadelle and the Château Frontenac [Enough purple prose. Get on with it. Ed.] OK, here's what we know, in the cold light of dawn, about last night's terrorist attack in Québec City.

First, the body count. Six confirmed dead. 19 wounded or injured.

What kind of an attack was it? Canuck Prime Minister Trudeau called it "cowardly". Philippe Couillard, the Premier of Québec, went somewhat farther, calling the shooting "barbaric". He was also the first to mention the dreaded T-word -- "terrorist". Now several officials have called the massacre an "act of terrorism". But for reasons of political correctness they are leaving out the adjective "Islamic". All they will say is that the motive of the shooters is unclear.

Two suspects have been arrested. They are said to be "residents", which is the Canadian term for people who are in their country but not citizens. Like students from overseas. Or "refugees". Or immigrants who couldn't be bothered taking out Canadian citizenship. One of the "residents" is reported (but not confirmed) to be "of Moroccan origin". Uh-oh.

Walt is waiting to see how the Liberal governments of Canada and Québec are going to spin this one. If the murderers turn out to be, errr, Muslims (as I suggested last night), they're going to have a hard time blaming this on racist white guys, Islamophobia or Donald Trump. I will withhold further comment until I have official statements to ridicule.

UPDATE OF THE UPDATE!!! This just in from Radio Canada (the French part of the CBC).
"A witness who asked to remain anonymous told Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque. 'It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!'"

Québec city police identified the two men arrested following the deadly shooting as Alexandre Bissonnette and... wait for it... Mohamed Khadir. The gendarmes are investigating the possibility that the two may have been students at nearby Laval University.

So... Islamic terrorists... Looks like Walt was the first to suggest the possibility, at the end of last night's post. Lifetime pct .991. The question now: Are they home-grown or imported? If that latter, President Trump's "drastic" immigration ban starts to look sensible, doesn't it!

The question arises: why would Islamic terrorists attack a Mosque? Isn't that brother attacking brother? My research into the CCIQ (Islamic Cultural Centre of Québec) has been made difficult by the fact that their website (reported by Google as possibly hacked) has now been taken down. But it looks to me as if the CCIQ was a community of Ahmadiya Muslims. The Ahmadiyas are regarded by other Muslims, particularly the ultra-orthodox Sunnis, as heretical. They have been attacked by other Muslims in the UK and elsewhere. So my guess is that what has happened is that the Muslim civil war has come to Canada. As long as that country's Liberal government continues to hold the doors wide open, last night's attack would seem to be only the beginning.

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