Monday, January 2, 2017

CENSORED VIDEO: Evalion responds to biased Global TV "interview"

Evalion (real name Veronica Bouchard) is a young Canadian woman -- she lives in the eastern reaches of the so-called Greater Toronto Are -- who has become famous for producing dozens of YouTube videos attacking Jews, Zionism, multiculturalism, race-mixing, anti-white racism and... you get the picture. She's saying stuff that the chattering classes, "progressives", SJWs and other snowflakes find "hateful". And what gets them is that she's a pretty white girl with a sweet little-girl voice. How can she say such awful racist things? And, oh yeah, she drops the F-bomb too.

Evalion's channel quickly became notable, gaining 16,000 subscribers within a day, and thus the object of ferocious attacks by the PC police. She started to get mass-flagged by the libtards and "anti-haters", and pretty soon had her channel terminated and her videos deleted. But fans who wisely downloaded her "offensive rants" keep reposting them, so if you want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about, search YouTube for "Evalion" or "anti-semitic" or "Jews" and eventually one of her videos will appear in the suggestions column.

Last year, around Hallowe'en, Canada's No. 3 TV network, Global TV, decided to run an interview with Evalion, who had been stopped by Canada's "border services" (= border police) on suspicion of being a "hate criminal". (Yes, voicing "hateful thoughts" is a crime in Canada. There's no First Amendment there.) According to Ms Bouchard, Global interviewed her for 40 minutes, but less than 2 minutes of what she said in the "interview" is heard in the lengthy TV report. So she made a video to fill in the blanks, so to speak. Here it is. Running time: 20:45.

UPDATE 14/1/17: THE VIDEO EMBEDDED BELOW HAS BEEN DELETED BY (((YOUTUBE))). Draw your own conslusions.

Just so you know
... Global TV began life as part of the Canwest Global media group led by (((Israel Asper))). The company was already one of the largest owners of Canadian local TV stations, when Canwest and (((Goldman Sachs))) in 2007 announced they would jointly acquire Canadian producer and broadcaster Alliance Atlantis Communications and its large stable of wide-distribution specialty channels. Following some "financial difficulties", Shaw Communications purchased the entirety of Canwest's broadcasting operations, including the portion owned by (((Goldman))). This deal was later modified to include a settlement agreement between Shaw, creditors, and the Official Ad Hoc Committee of Shareholders, led by the (((Aspers))), (((Blott Asset Management L.L.C.))) and two other hedge funds. Canwest was renamed to 2737469 Canada Inc. and ceased doing business that same date. Meanwhile, Shaw Communications reorganized Canwest into Shaw Media. Rumours that Jews control the Canadian (and American) media are, of course, groundless.

Footnote: Isn't Global TV's Farah Nasser (née Farah Khan) an eyeful? Mrs Nasser is, errr, "Muslim-Canadian", and you have to wonder if her heart is really in the shock she expressesd at Evalion's alleged anti-Semitism.

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