Sunday, January 15, 2017

VIDEO: Gavin McInnes calls Canada "a fucking mess"

A couple of readers from Canuckistan have written to complain that Walt spent a good part of 2016 -- especially the summer and fall -- talking about American politics and gloating over the election of Donald Trump. Why, they ask, don't we say something about the arch-SJW who's been (allegedly) running Canada for the last year? That would be Justin Trudeau, son of Pierre himself, who opened the floodgates to Third World immigration and put Canada on the road to "social democracy" from which it has never recovered.

Point taken! I won't argue that what The Donald does as leader of the most powerful nation on earth matters more to the world than what Shiny Pony does in his little pink dictatorship. No. I just needed to find words to express my incredulity that Canada's leader has suddenly emerged as the self-proclaimed champion of multiculturalism and globalism, at a time when the people of every Western country (except Canada) are rising up against those insane concepts.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, my attention has just been drawn to a video commentary by our old friend Gavin McInnes shortly after the election of M Trudeau in October of 2015. Mr McInnes is actually a Canadian (although he kind of downplays his nationality), so who better to tell Canadians their country is a paradigm of multiculturalism run amok, and that basically they're fucked. Running time: 5:14.

Footnote from Ed.: A churlish person has suggested that Walt is becoming lazy, posting more and more videos as opposed to text. Dear person, this is the Internet! I've been tracking the readership of every WWW post since the beginning way back in 2009. (That's a long time by blog standards.) I conclude that people want to watch and listen, not read. We are governing ourselves accordingly.

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