Sunday, January 29, 2017

"We love our Muslim neighbours"... don't we? Maybe not in Québec?

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of All Canuckistan, never tires of saying how much Canadians love all the Muslims who are flooding into their country -- especially the 1000s of refugees from Syria on whom millions of beaverbucks are being spent -- and what a great contribution "Muslim Canadians" are making to the diversity which is Canada's strength, yada yada yada.

Walt suspects that Junior actually believes this liberal claptrap, tone-deaf as he is to the views of ordinary Canadians, as read (when the censors allow) in the comments section so the Groan and Wail and the CBC News website. Just this weekend, when President Trump announced that the Paranoid States of America would not be taking any more Syrian refugees, and would not be issuing visas to citizens of Syria and six other Middle Eastern sandpits, M Trudeau took to the airwaves and the Twitterverse to say that all "refugees" are welcome in Canada, and anyone inconvenienced by the American "Muslim ban" can get temporary resident status in Canada, just for the asking. Yada yada yada.

The usual suspects are demonstrating in the streets of Toronto (of course) and Mississauga (ditto), holding up signs saying "We love our Muslim neighbours!" However, no such demonstrations or signs were to be seen in Québec City, the heart of francophone [= French-speaking. Ed.] Canada. It was there, a couple of years ago, that the previous provincial government, proposed a Charter of Québec values which would have banned the wearing of Islamic headgear. And it was there, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, that a pig's head was left on the doorstep of the Islamic Cultural Centre [= mosque. Ed.] in suburban Sainte-Foy.

Now comes news that shots were fired tonight inside the same mosque, leaving several people dead and more wounded. Québec City police say that a few dozen people, mostly men, were gathered at the mosque for evening prayers when shooting broke out. The director of the centre said at least five people were killed, but that information has not been confirmed by police. Two suspects have been arrested. We have not been told whether they are "Muslim Canadians" or "old stock Canadians", but it couldn't be the latter, eh, because M Trudeau keeps saying "We love our Muslims!"

À lire: "Tuerie dans une mosquée à Québec: plusieurs morts", La Presse, 29/1/17.

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