Friday, January 6, 2017

The Muslim invasion of Canada has begun (but not where you think)

No, we're not talking about the south Asian majority cities of Brampton and Mississauga, Ontario. According to the Canadian Broadcorping Castration (CBC), hundreds of African refugees and asylum-seekers have found the weak spot in the Canadian border, at Emerson, Manitoba, about 100 miles south of Winterpeg, which is to say 100 miles from nowhere.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) -- that's what the polite Canucks call the border patrol -- told the CBC that 100s of people have entered Canada illegally near the Emerson border crossing, in search of refuge. The CBC started investigating following a report earlier this week that two "refugees" from Ghana were hospitalized in Winnipeg after getting bitten by ole Jack Frost after getting lost near the border on the morning of Christmas Eve.

Those two weren't the only ones. The CBSA has confirmed at least 398 refugee claimants have tried to get over the Emerson border illegally between April 2013 and November 2016. They say "at least" because the ones they refer to are just the ones who got caught! Those who are stupid or unlucky enough to be intercepted by the RCMP are taken to the Emerson border crossing, where, instead of being pushed back into the USA, they're allowed to make a refugee claim!

The CBSA spokesthingy interviewed by the CBC added that the majority of claimants entering near Emerson are from Somalia. Almost all Somalis are Muslims. Some of them are Islamic terrorists, sworn to kill us infidels. There are 1000s of Somali "refugees" in the USA, where they have established ghettos in the Minneapolis-St Paul are. Some of them... OK, a lot of them... are in the USA illegally, and now that The Donald is threatening to round them up, they're fleeing to Canada, where they know the Liberal government of PET Jr. will welcome them with open arms and open chequebooks.

The CBSA declined to comment when asked by CBC how hundreds of illegal claimants could be making their way into Canada. The agency said it is only responsible for designated border crossings and not the areas that surround them. Talk to the Mounties, the CBSA said, because patrolling the surrounding area is their job. How they expect Mounties to get their men -- especially in the dark when it's hard to see them -- was not made clear.

Similarly left unclear was the question of how many of these bogus "refugee" claimants were able to stay in Canada. After paperwork is filled out and sealed with red tape, the asylum-seeker wannabes have their photos taken -- that's when they smile -- and then are released and given dates, sometimes a year or more hence, for hearings by the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board. How many claims are allowed, how many are refused, and how many of the potential terrorists are deported? All that information is confidential. Privacy, you know. Human rights. Mustn't encourage Islamophobia. Canadians have nothing to fear... eh??!!

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