Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year (II) ! 100s of "Africans" detained in Cologne

In my first post of this beautiful New Year's Day, 2017, I said I was waiting for reports of "refugee" rape rampages in Cologne (aka Köln), Germany, and other European cities, along the lines of the attacks on white women which occurred a year ago.

I didn't have to wait long. According to Associated Press, Die Polizei von Koln have detained hundreds of men "seemingly of African descent" as part of operations to prevent a repeat of the attacks seen in that city a year ago. Whether "African" means sub-Saharan African -- the real black ones -- or North African -- the Muslim Arabs -- was not made clear, but I know which way I'm betting. (See UPDATE below.)

Cologne police say the men were detained at two main train stations so that officers could question them and check their identities, to determine if they're "refugees" or asylum-seekers or failed asylum-seekers or just plain old illegal immigrants. Some revelers complained on Twitter that police appeared to be detaining people based on their appearance alone. Inspektor Katzenjammer was heard to say that they didn't have anything else to go on.

By early New Year's Day, police had received reports of two -- only two -- women being sexually assaulted in Cologne. One man was arrested. His nationality (or lack thereof) has so far not been disclosed.

UPDATE: Cologne police have now admitted that by "African" they mean, errr, NORTH African, by which they mean Arabs, by which they mean Muslims. Hundreds of people were robbed and sexually assaulted during New Year's celebrations in Cologne last year. The crimes were blamed largely on men of North African origin who had taken advantage of chaotic and crowded scenes around the city's cathedral.

Cologne Police Chief Juergen Mathies said he had instructed officers to intervene sooner this year. Of the 650 people detained for identity checks, almost all were from North African countries, he said, adding that "their characteristics were such that potential crimes could indeed be expected." Is it possible that Chief Mathies has not yet read Angela Merkel's diktat about "Willkommenskultur"?

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