Monday, January 2, 2017

VIDEO: "Bitter Harvest", worth seeing in 2017

Coming soon to a cinema near you (if you live in the USA or Canada), Bitter Harvest is a romantic-drama film set in Ukraine at the time of The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р), a man-made famine in 1932 and 1933 that killed an estimated 2.5–7.5 million Ukrainians, with millions more counted in demographic estimates.

Shot on location in Ukraine, Bitter Harvest was directed by George Mendeluk, with original story and script Richard Bachynsky Hoover. The film stars Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Barry Pepper, Tamer Hassan and Terence Stamp. Inspired by actual events -- one of worst but least-known tragedies of the 20th century -- it is an intense story of adoration, respect, insubordination and survival as observed through the eyes of two young lovers struggling to survive the famine along with their Cossack grain farmer families. As Stalin advances the ambitions of the burgeoning Soviet Union, a youthful craftsman named Yuri (Max Irons) fights to survive starvation, detainment and torment to spare his childhood sweetheart Natalka (Samantha Barks) from the Holodomor. Against this tragic backdrop, Yuri escapes from a Soviet prison and joins the anti-Bolshevik resistance movement as he fights to rejoin with Natalka and proceed with the battle for a free Ukraine.

Walt recommends Bitter Harvest highly. You need to see it to understand why Ukrainians everywhere oppose Russia's plans to reoccupy their country, and why the West needs to stand with them against Russian aggression. Donald Trump please note!

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