Monday, February 8, 2016

Jew calls Canada's welcome of 1000s of Muslim refugees "reckless, politically correct thinking"

Lawrence Solomon is a columnist with Canada’s National Post. His name suggests that he is not Lawrence of Arabia, but Lawrence of... err... let's just say he's of the Jewish persuasion. His religion has nothing to do, of course, with the thoughts expressed in his piece headed "Europe is planning to deport hundreds of thousands of Muslims", which appeared on the Post website today.

The gist of Mr. Solomon's message to Canucks is to be found in the conclusion: "Canada's historic approach to immigration since Confederation – welcoming the multitudes who would fit in, but also requiring them to fit it – has served this country well, allowing us to maintain our liberties and grow our economy. Europe’s cautionary tale, coming to us now as it does, when we are at risk of falling prey to reckless, politically correct thinking on immigration, could not have been a more timely reminder of the ways in which our ​historic ​immigration ​policies have been ​wise."

For those who don't geddit, he is saying that if the "historic immigration policies" were wise, the Justin Trudeau's new policies are unwise. Got it now? Mr. Solomon calls open-door immigration policies such as Angela Merkel's now-discredited Willkommenskultur, the product of "a soft-headed if soft-hearted desire to help desperate refugees." Without saying "I told you so" (for he didn't!) he says it's all ending badly. And he has some statistics from Europe to prove it.

Sweden, he writes, is planning to deport half of its 160,000 migrants. Finland plans to deport two-thirds of its 32,000 migrants. And Germany intends to deport all migrants who arrived under false pretenses – a number that could total many hundreds of thousands – as well as all migrants from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, which Germany now deems “safe” countries because they are not at war.

Mr. Solomon goes on to cite, again, the New Year's Eve rape-fest in Cologne, Germany. He says that, "although government officials and the mainstream press initially tried to cover up the extent of the wrong-doing, an estimated 1,000 Muslims in Cologne alone participated in 'Taharrush' a practice of encircling, groping and sometimes raping women..."

Mr. Solomon writes dispassionately of course. He does not personally point the racist finger of blame at Muslims. He merely reports that law enforcement officials and NGOs in many countries attribute a disproportionate number of rapes to young, single Muslim men. And, he goes on, "crime by migrants is rampant. Hamburg police reports 20,000 purse-snatches a year, 90 per cent of them by males in their 20s from North Africa or the Balkans. In 2014, even before the migrant stampede accelerated, 38,000 asylum seekers had been accused of committing crimes."

Canada, the writer concludes, has been lucky... so far... because it has not yet accepted "untoward levels of migrants". But there is still the matter of M Trudeau's rash promise, after his government failed to meet its target of admitting 25,000 by the end of last year, to raise the number of Syrian migrants to 50,000 by the end of 2016. If you go through with this unwise plan, Mr. Solomon seems to be saying, it will end just as badly as it is now in Europe. Don't say he [and Walt! Ed.] didn't warn you.

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