Thursday, February 18, 2016

Syrian immigrants in London (Canada) murder-suicide

Here's a story from London (not THE London, but the one in Canada) that has received very little attention, possibly because Inspector Knacker has been less than forthcoming with details. Why? Political correctness, of course! For -- according to the London Free Press -- the story involves immigrants from, errr, Syria.

Here's what the London police say. Last Friday afternoon, a woman was found dead inside a fifth-floor unit of an apartment building on Grand Avenue. Five blocks away, the cops enter an auto repair shop, with guns drawn, and find a man’s body. Errr, that's it. Tight-lipped investigators still haven't said who died or how, nor were they releasing any names or ages, citing "family privacy".

Neighbours of the dead couple haven't been quite so reluctant to talk. Fifth-floor residents of the building in which the woman's body was found told the Free Press they'd heard a man wailing after police made the grisly discovery. "It’s super-eerie. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget that sound," said resident Christiane, who didn’t want to give her last name. When she looked out in the hall, she said, she saw the distraught man punching the wall.

Neighbours said "a Middle Eastern couple" with young children recently moved into the unit where the body was found. Meanwhile, neighbours of an auto mechanic's shop at 201 High Street became worried after the owner of the garage failed to show up for business on Saturday morning. Later that morning, they watched as police with weapons drawn surrounded the shop and smashed the front door to get into the building, where a man’s body was found.

The shop is (or was) owned by Mahmoud Abdulrahim, a Syrian immigrant, who opened "Miriam Tire & Auto Repair" four years ago. Mr. Abdulrahim and his family had recently moved to a Grand Avenue apartment, neighbours said. Repeated phone calls to Abdulrahim over the weekend weren’t returned and his voice-mail was full. A black Suzuki Swift parked outside the shop, identified by neighbours as belonging to Mrs. Abdulrahim’s, was covered in snow. A letter addressed to Mr. Abdulrahim was visible on the passenger seat.

Mr. Abdulrahim, the owner-operator and sole employee of the garage was well known in the area. A retired carpenter who lives across the street told the paper the he'd often chatted with the mechanic, a man he said has two grown sons from a previous marriage and young children from a more recent marriage to a woman who doesn’t speak English.

Autopsies were performed over the weekend, but police haven't said how the two people died, or given any further information. If, as so often happens, investigators are baffled, Walt suggests a line of inquiry. They might ask if Mr. Abdulrahim was divorced from his first wife, the mother of his sons, or, alternatively, had taken the "woman who doesn't speak English" as his second wife, as is perfectly legal according to Sharia law. If that be the case, they might also ask how the "junior wife" got an immigrant visa to Canada, contrary to Canadian law. And which of the wives was it whose body was found in the apartment?

Finally... has there been a breach of Canada's Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, which amended the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to specify that a permanent resident or foreign national is inadmissible on grounds of practising polygamy in Canada? Honour killings, it should be noted, are not forbidden by the Zero Tolerance etc Act, merely by the Criminal Code of Canada. In this case, however, it seems there's no-one left to prosecute.

Further reading (added 20/2/16): "Advocates denounce London police secrecy on Old South murder-suicide: London Free Press, 19/2/16. The reasons given by police for not naming names are lame! The real reason (Walt can reveal) is political correctness! Mustn't say anything that would offend or stigmatize Muslims!

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