Tuesday, February 2, 2016

VIDEO: "Luther's Revenge: The Surrender of Pope Francis"

In all the fuss about the Iowa primaries, the Muslim invasion of Europe and other reasons to fear for humanity, Walt kind of skipped over an announcement from the Vatican that Pope Francis will travel to Sweden in October to commemorate and "thank God for" the Protestant Reformation. ("Deformation" or "Revolt" would be better words.) The Holy Father has already apologized for 16th century Catholic "intransigence" where Martin Luther was concerned. Now he intends to lead a Catholic-Lutheran joint prayer service of thanksgiving for the "many graces" that came to us through the anathematized Protestant Revolt and the excommunicated Martin Luther.

Who'd have thought such a day would ever come? And what happens next? Are on the verge of a Great Apostasy? Or are we already witnessing it? Here's a video from Remnant TV in which Michael Matt and Christopher Ferrara discuss this latest, almost unbelievable turn of events in the Roman Catholic Catholic Church. It's worth watching just to hear Mr Ferrara call the Lutheran World Federation "a bunch of loons"! He also poses a direct question for neo-Catholic Jimmy Akin, who blogs ["bloviates"? Ed.] for the National Catholic Register. At the end, Messrs Matt and Ferrara reach out in true ecumenism to their Protestant friends.

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