Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day: Hellery sees her shadow

Let me be clear. I'm tired of the political correctness, liberal insanity and general mediocrity with which the failed Obama administration has saddled the USA. I want America to be great again! But that doesn't mean that I would vote for The Donald or that I was displeased with the results of last night's Iowa caucuses.

The higher Donald Trump's star rose [not in the East, surely! Ed.], the more worrisome the question of what would happen to the Republic Party if he won the nomination. Even more so the question of what would happen to the USA if he beat Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office. The prospect was frightening to the point of being inconceivable to those who take America and its politics at all seriously.

Many pundits predicted that a Trump candidacy would see large numbers of rank-and-file Republicans desert the party, leaving the field open for Hellery. A Trump win would thus see another Clinton in the White House, with Ole Bill right behind her, pulling the strings. Pulling the strings! (Ooops, just had a flash from Ed Wood there.)

The Trump campaign is far from over though. I wouldn't be surprised if he won New Hampshire. (Lifetime pct .972.) And his candidacy has been good for the GOP in that it has moved the party well to the right of where it would be had Jeb Bush [Who he? Ed.] emerged as a contender. A year ago Ted Cruz was all but written off as a right-wing nut. As of this morning he's the front-runner, due in no small measure to his being unafraid to proclaim his Christian Faith. Well done, that man!

Also noteworthy is Marco Rubio's strong third place finish. Mr. Rubio is acceptable to the Republican establishment as well as conservatives, and would do well with Hispanic voters. A Cruz-Rubio ticket would be very strong, even if Mr. Trump went off in a huff and ran as an independent. That the Republicans could offer voters a clearly conservative choice was seen as highly unlikely until The Donald threw his hat [That stuff on top of his head is a hat? Ed.] into the ring, so in that sense his candidacy has been good for the GOP and good for America.

Then we have the Democrats. I can't swear that this picture was taken last night, but it seems a likely visualization of Hillary Clinton's reaction on hearing the final tally.

Learning that she had squeaked by Bernie Sanders by a mere 1/2 of 1 percent of the votes must have been good for Hellery's bowels. The good news (for America -- see first paragraph) is that the Democratic establishment is now in the same invidious position as the Republicans, faced with the possibility of a wild-eyed socialist emerging as their candidate. Faced with a real question as to Mrs. Clinton's electability, what will they do?

Joe Biden has ruled himself out. Michael Bloomberg used to be a Democrat, but switched to the Dark Side before becoming mayor of New York. Would he switch back again? What will the Democrats do?!

So, all in all, a satisfactory result, from Walt's viewpoint. Looks like we're in for an exciting political year.

FOOTNOTE: A bit of Iowa trivia: The IATA airport code for Sioux Gateway Col. Bud Day Field is SUX. Aren't you glad we're not back in the old days when luggage tags had the destination in big black letters? How'd you like to walk around with SUX on your luggage?!

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