Monday, February 29, 2016

Please tell me where to point my satellite dish to get Zjarr-TV

Walt's satellite dish only picks up TV stations from the USA and Canada. There's other stuff available, I guess, if one knows how to adjust the co-ordinates, retard the spitzensparken and twiddle the rangdidio. One doesn't. Which is too bad, considering the excellent viewing fare available on stations such as Zjarr-TV, a news channel emanating from Albania.

Faced with tough competition for audiences (Boris and Fatima Shqiptere), Zjarr-TV has taken to giving viewers the "naked" truth, or nearly. Taking a page, or should we say a screen shot from Naked News, Zjarr-TV now features almost-topless newsreaders. Like Greta Hoxhaj...

Wearing open jackets and nothing underneath, the young women reading the headlines on Zjarr-TV are an unprecedented sight in the conservative Balkan country, where they first appeared on television and Internet screens last year. Zjarr-TV's owner, Ismet Drishti, says audiences haven't stopped growing since. He told Agence France Press, "In Albania, where the news is manipulated by political powers, the audience needed a medium that would present the information like it is -- naked."

Walt likes the line about the news being manipulated by political powers. That kind of thing would never happen in the USA or Canada, would it. Too bad!

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