Monday, February 15, 2016

"Please, Mr. Migrant, don't rape me!"

Seriously. "Please don't rape me!" is the message that refugees, asylum-seekers and other male, non-white "migrants" are being "taught" to understand when they look at pictures of this typical European woman.

Seriously (again), a Norwegian company called Hero (seriously) has developed a course of classes to teach Arab and African "newcomers" not to rape white women. This was in response to a series of brutal rapes and attacks by non-white Muslim invaders in the southwestern town of Stavanger between 2009 and 2011, but the courses only attracted attention after the mass sex attacks which took place over the New Year in Cologne and other cities around Europe.

Norway's NRK news service reports that international interest in the rape prevention courses is high because it's the only one of its kind in Europe. At a conference held on January 27th, delegates from "migration agencies" around Europe were given a tutorial on how to teach the non-whites to stop attacking white women after they get to Europe.

Course developer Linda Hagen is pictured here, showing typical "students" a picture of a rather more attractive white woman in a short skirt. Women who dress like that, she says, are not issuing an invitation for sex. Hey, that's just your basic black cocktail dress! The instructors will ask over-sexed (and over here!) migrants questions like "Is violence is ever justified?", "How do you know if a woman is consenting to sex?", and "What is the difference between love and sex?"

Apparently it didn't occur to Ms Hagen that Muslim guys' responses to such pictures and such questions might differ from what European liberals might wish. Another part of the course consists of a video of two white 20-somethings at a party. After drinking alcohol, the girl and the boy go upstairs into a bedroom, where they kiss and embrace on a bed. The boy then becomes increasingly physical and pulls off the girl's panties, while she expresses increasing unease. The video then ends with the message "No means no."

How do you suppose your typical horny Muslim would react to that video? Here are some actual responses from the demonstration class.
"She kissed him. It’s an invitation to have sex."
"If she wants come to my place, that means she’s consenting."
"But I have friends, they come from a different culture, from a strict family. For them, any part a woman shows (is) a sign she wants to have sex."
"He tricked her but the girl should also have been clear and said no and not gone upstairs with him."
"If a girl kisses me, I figure she wants to sleep with me."

Errr, yeah... The NRK report quotes Ms Hagen as explaining that "There are many 'grey areas' which come about due to 'cultural misunderstandings'." Misunderstandings, yeah... So it's our fault then....

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