Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Real Canadians hate Syrians!" - Calgary graffiti reflect poll results

As Walt told you on Thursday, Canadian Authorities [Capital "A" deliberate. Ed.] have been reluctant to admit that the couple who were victim/perpetrator of a murder-suicide in London, Ontario were migrants from Syria. No point in inflaming anti-Syrian, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee passions already raised to the boiling point by Young Trudeau's pledge to bring into the Great Not-so-white North even more than the 25,000 promised during last fall's election.

Why do I say Canadians are up in arms (figuratively speaking) about opening the floodgates still further? Here are two stories about the what "real Canadians" think of the idea of admitting to their society 1000s of Muslims who cannot or will not conform to the norms of western values. (Many of them didn't really want to come to Canada in the first place, and would like to go back home, but that's another story. See "Surprise! Syrian refugees welcomed by Canada want to go home", WWW 25/1/16)

We start with the results of a poll released by last week by the Angus Reid Institute under the headline "Canadians divided on legacy of Syrian refugee resettlement plan". Here are the key findings:
  • Just over half (52%) of Canadians support the government’s plan, while 44 per cent oppose it
  • Roughly two-in-five (42%) say Canada should stop taking in Syrian refugees immediately. The rest either say the country should stop at 25,000 refugees (29%), or accept even more (29%)
  • Canadians are evenly divided on what the legacy of the resettlement program will be, with roughly the same number saying it will be viewed as a success (23%), a failure (24%), or neither (24%) 15 years from now (29% are unsure)
The researchers go on to say that "Regionally, Canadians remain divided about the plan, with support for it highest in British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, and lowest in Alberta." That brings us to a report from the Calgary Herald headlined "Police investigating after Calgary school hit again with hateful graffiti aimed at Syrians, Trudeau".

Inspector Knacker is said to be investigating after the walls of Wilma Hansen Junior High School were once again sprayed with hateful messages directed at Syrians and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On the walls of the school, someone spray-painted graffiti including "Syrians are animals" and "Real Canadians hate Syrians" as well as "Burn all mosques". Some of the messages also targeted Canuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, thus: "Syrians go home and take Trudeau" and "While Syrians feast in hotels, Canadians starve on the street, kill the traitor Trudeau."

So much for the Canadian version of Angela Merkel's "Willkommenskultur". And the Frostbacks are supposed to be such polite and tolerant people! Of course some would say that whoever committed this crime against political correctness aren't typical Canadians, but Albertans... more like Americans, really. Walt feels pretty sure that similar slogans will pop up from coast to coast to coast, although of course some will be in French. There may be no freedom of speech in the Canadian lamestream meeja, but the government has yet to prohibit the sale of paint bombs!

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