Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Illegal immigrants racked up millions of $$$ in ID theft fraud

It's not just California (see my earlier post today) or the USA that has problems with crimes committed by illegal immigrants who get caught and deported, only to return and commit more crimes, again and again and again. Canuckistan has its problems too. All that changes, north of the world's longest absolutely undefended border is the nature of the crimes and the ethnicity of the criminals. For some reason, the farther north the "bad dudes" go, the darker they get.

I'm going to give you this story as it was published this morning on the government-owned CBC News website: "It was good while it lasted: the luxurious life of an alleged Toronto fraud crew". It's worth following the link just to see the veritable cornucopia of bad taste the fraudsters purchased with their ill-gotten gains. Although the CBC carefully refrains from mentioning the perps' ethnicity, you can pretty much tell from what they bought and what they wore what kind of people they were. (Hint: it's the same kind of stuff P.K. Subban sports. The story's subtitle: "Crocodile skin boots and a $146,000 moon dust watch among items seized from Yorkville apartment".) I'll save the stinger for the end of this post.

Crocodile skin boots, Italian suits and a watch made from actual moon dust are just some of the items Toronto Police have seized from a suspected fraud crew, but there's much, much more. These are just some the alleged proceeds of crime that police displayed on Tuesday as a result of an investigation dubbed Project Royal, which began in 2016:

90 pairs of shoes including a $10,000 pair of crocodile skin boots
Seven watches including a Romaine Jerome Moon Dust Automatic valued at $146,000
Designer clothing, jewellery, accessories and liquor valued at $390,000
Several pairs of sunglasses valued at $10,000
"It's the absurdity of the consumption that stands out," Detective Constable Mike Kelly said at media conference on Tuesday. "We had $2,000 just in skin moisturizer. It was unsual."

Comment from Walt: Bill Burr does a bit about how black people use "lotion" to keep from looking "ashey".

There was also $39,000 cash, 37 credit cards and hundreds of pieces of allegedly stolen mail among the items seized at a Yorkville condominium unit police say was also fraudulently paid for. Two Toronto men, aged 45 and 37, have been arrested and charged with several fraud related crimes and possession of the proceeds of crime. Police have also issued warrant for a third suspect, a 44 year-old, of Toronto. And a 47-year-old Toronto man who police say is also connected to the group is wanted in the United States.

Police allege the group stole pieces of mail, including bank statements, and that they were were in possession of the personal information of approximately 5,000 GTA residents. "You're talking about literally thousands of individuals all throughout the GTA whose information has been at least compromised," Kelly said.

Investigators say the group used that information to obtain credit cards, which they then used to fund their luxury lifestyles. The Yorkville condo was paid for with credit card cash advances, police say. The accused did most of their shopping in the Yorkville area, Kelly says, and in some cases, merchants may have known fraud was taking place or at least "looked the other way" when luxury goods were purchased on credit. Police say when questioned, the men would describe themselves as businessmen or tourists. One of the suspects, who resided in the upscale Yorkville condo, said he worked for a moving company.

Police don't believe any of the items were being sold. The only motivation behind the alleged fraud was "conspicuous consumption", Kelly said. All of the accused maintained social media profiles in which much of their glitzy lifestyle is documented.

And now... drum roll, please... rrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Walt reveals the names of the accused, as UNreported by the politically correct CBC. Adedayo Ogundana, Duro Akintola, and Adekunle Johnson Omitiran (pictured -- but not on CBC) don't sound like Irishmen to me. They are Africans, probably Nigerians or Ghanaians. Innocent questions: What is their immigration status in Canada... if any? And what is the Trudeau government's stance on the deportation of "undocumented migrants" who commit crimes?

The header of the Toronto CBC News website shows three of CBC Toronto's top "news" presenters. Not one of them is a white male. Who is responsible for CBC Toronto's anti-white bias? Step forward Susan Marjetti, former CBC Toronto station manager and winner of every conceivable award for promoting "diversity". Time to retire, now, Susan. Your work in Toronto is done.

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