Monday, May 8, 2017

Somali tribesmen of MN (!) fall for anti-vaxxers' BS, get sick and die

Among the barbaric cultural practices that refugees, asylum-seekers and other immigrants from Third World shitholes bring with them is a belief that modern Western medicines are designed to kill them, or at least keep them from reproducing like brown rabbits.

Let Walt remediate the inspecificity. The Western medicine we're talking about is the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine given to over 90% of North American kids in early childhood. And the community of ignorant immigrants in question is the tribe of Somali "refugees" imported by the Obama administration from one of the world's worst failed states.

In a story headlines "Measles outbreak sickens dozens of Minnesota Somalis who avoid vaccine", the Chicago Tribune reports on a serious outbreak of measles in Minnesota, where 34 cases have been confirmed in the last two weeks alone. Why? Because the Muslim invaders -- 99% of Somalis are Muslims -- are refusing the MMR vaccine because, in their ignorance, they believe the canard being circulated by the crazy anti-vaxxers that the vaccine causes autism.

The story quotes the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to the effect that measles, which was declared eliminated in the USA in 2000, has now gained a foothold in the larger community because of the intransigence of the clannish immigrants. Nearly everyone infected is unvaccinated, and all but a few are of Somali descent. So far, 11 children have been hospitalized. A spokesthingy for the Department of Health says the source of the outbreak is unknown, but that such outbreaks in the US are typically caused when international travellers are infected overseas and bring the virus home.

According to the Health Department, 42% of Minnesota-born Somali toddlers had received the MMR vaccine as of 2017. But the take-up rate hasn't always been that low. In 2004, 92% of Somali kids had thir shots. But the community's immunization rate fell to 70% in 2008 amid a perception that autism was becoming more common among Somali children. A 2014 study by the American Board of Family Medicine found 35% of Somali parents surveyed believed the measles vaccine causes autism, something believed by only 8% of non-Somalis.

Other communities with low vaccination rates have also been affected by measles in recent years. Nearly 20 people in the Orthodox Jewish community in Los Angeles were sickened by measles in December. 58 came down with the disease in 2013 when measles swept through Orthodox Jewish communities in New York.

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