Saturday, May 6, 2017

Majority of Eastern Europeans oppose admitting Syrian "refugees"

Georgia is quite far away from Walt's cabin in the pines, almost on the other side of the world. But we still get news from the homeland of Josef Stalin occasionally. In yesterday's online edition of The Financial, we read: "Syrian Refugees Not Welcome in Eastern Europe".

The Financial is reporting the results of a Gallup survey of the citizens of 15 nations of Eastern Europe, which found that almost no-one -- repeat, NO-ONE -- wants their countries to be further polluted by the admission of more "refugees" from Syria. It wasn't just Christians who were opposed to taking more Muslim migrants. Significant numbers of atheists and even Muslims had the same feeling. Here are the findings in tabular form.

54% of Christians -- mainly Catholic and Orthodox -- surveyed oppose admitting any Syrian refugees, while only 2% (two percent) were in favour of taking all comers. Atheists proved even more unlikely than Christians to welcome Syrian refugees, with 63% opposed to taking any. And 36% of Muslims in the countries surveyed were likewise opposed.

My question... Suppose, if you will, that a competent and legitimate polling organization -- Pew Research, for instance -- took a similar poll in the USA, Canada, Britain or France. (Thanks to Bill M-103 it would probably be illegal to ask that question in Canada. Mustn't promote Islamophobia, you know!) And suppose the results were similar, or even worse (from the point of view of all the SJWs and one-worlders who believe in open borders).

My question [at last! Ed.] is: Would the self-censoring lamestream media publish such results, with headlines as frank as "Syrian Refugees Not Welcome in USA/Canada/UK/France"? Not bloody likely!

Note from Ed.: Just to clear up any confusion in the minds of our American readers, the Georgia where Josef Stalin (né Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) was born is not the one Sherman marched through, but a small country in the south-eastern corner of Europe, at the east end of the Black Sea. You're welcome.

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