Friday, May 26, 2017

VIDEO: Gavin McInnes explains what's wrong with modern education

It's been a while since we've reposted a Gavin McInnes video. In this one, released earlier this week, one of Walt's favourite rebels lists the many ways children are being harmed -- "brainwashed" is a better word -- by "education," starting as early as kindergarten. A bit long, at 38 minutes, but well worth watching, especially if you have school-age kids. Time to consider home schooling? You bet!

Note about Catholic schools: If you live in a jurisdiction, like Ontario, where Catholic schools are publicly funded -- paid for out of your taxes -- wipe the smile off your face. If they take the government's dollar (your dollar) they are obliged to march to the government's politically correct, liberal secular humanist tune. That includes things like Kathleen Wynne's pro-queer sex education curriculum, which has been the subject of many posts here on WWW. To see the list, enter "sex education" in the search window.

Footnote: Andrew Scheer, the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, a practising Catholics, sends his children (five "so far", he says) to an independent (Christian, non-government funded) school. He has promised to give tax credits to parents who do the same.

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