Sunday, May 7, 2017

VIDEO: "Gear of a champion"

Ed. here. Walt is feeling disgruntled today, trying to find some positives in the defeat of Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election.
Likewise Poor Len Canayen, unhappy with the progress of the National Hockey League playoffs (although he stands by his bet on Pittsburgh). The two of them seem to have gotten into the jellied gin, so will not be contributing anything to WWW today.

While we wait for them to pull themselves together, let's enjoy a strong entry in the WWW TV Commercial of the Year contest. Bidding fair to win a coveted Waltie is "Gear of a champion", advanced by the Bank of Nova Scotia to prove that even big banks can be athletic supporters.

For non-Canucks, I should point out -- and this is what I like about the spot -- that the two kids are First Nations people... or "Indians", as they were known in the pre-PC daze.

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