Tuesday, May 23, 2017

UPDATED: Answer to yesterday's question: Islamic terrorists!

Yesterday afternoon Walt posed the question "Who's behind Ariana Grande concert explosion?". All we knew at the time was that there had been a big bang at the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena, causing an undetermined number of deaths and injuries. In fairness to jihadis everywhere, and not wishing to fan the flames of Islamophobia, I didn't say flat out that the culprit was a Muslilm terrorist. I only hinted. Still, I was right! Lifetime pct .986.

Here's the update. Following last night's Ariana Grande gig, a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device filled with ball bearings, nuts, bolts and scrap metal, killing at least 22 (including children and parents) and injuring ten dozen more, some of whom are not expected to survive. Horrifying video footage showed 1000s fleeing in tears from the venue, many covered in blood. Petrified children and teens leaped over chairs and barriers as they tried to escape.

Manchester police confirmed the suicide bomber died at the venue after an improvised explosive device was detonated. US security sources [How do they get into this? Ed.] say he travelled to the arena by public transport. Another man, 23, has also been arrested. The "authorities" have declined to release any information about the two. In today's politically correct Europe, that means they are/were Islamic terrorists. Whether they were "home-grown", "radicalized", British citizens or Arab or African "refugees" doesn't matter. "Allahu akbar!", if not heard, was certainly understood.

AP reports from Beirut that the Islamic State says one of its members planted bombs in the middle of the crowds. IS says "a soldier of the caliphate planted bombs in the middle of Crusaders gatherings" then detonated them. It did not say whether the attacker was killed. The group claimed that "30 Crusaders were killed and 70 others were wounded."

The Daily Mail (UK) reports that, shortly before the incident, an unverified Twitter account posted cryptic tweets showing the ISIS black flag alongside the hashtags #IslamicState and #Manchesterarena. The account then posted a message saying, "You forget our threat? This is the just terror." The account was deleted shortly afterwards. Inspector Knacker has declined to comment on the messages, lest anyone draw the obvious conclusions.

Walt asks: Where next? Got any plans to go to a concert? Sporting event? Street festival? Open-air market? You might want to think twice. And when you do, think about what your government is doing to fight back against the Islamic terrorists...if anything!

UPDATE: British Prime Minister Theresa May said Tuesday afternoon (BST) that investigators in the UK probing Monday's attack at a pop concert believe they know the identity of the suspect, but will not release the name until further confirmation. Walt asks: Confirmation of what?!

: Manchester police have now named the suicide bomber responsible for the Manchester massacre. He is Salman Abedi, 22, born in Manchester, of Arab (Libyan) ethnicity. But, said Manchester's Chief Constable, since the coroner has not formally identified the remains, nothing further can be said about him. One thing the chief copper will say, though, is that Manchester's diversity is its strength -- must have learned that line from Canada's Justin Trudeau -- and any hate crimes against any members of Manchester's diverse communities will not be tolerated. Unless the victims happen to be white Christians, he didn't add.

STILL FURTHER UPDATE: Manchester police have detained another man, aged 23 (and that's all they will say) who is helping them with their enquiries (as they say). Meanwhile, in a classic example of locking the barn door after the horse has bolted, the British government has not raised its "security threat" level from "severe" to "critical". Fancy that!

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