Friday, October 28, 2016

Weird reactions to FBI's Clinton e-mails bombshell

I've got two TVs on and six tabs open on my Internet monitor, flipping around, checking out what the boys (and girls) on the buses and in the "newsrooms" are saying about James Comey's announcement that the FBI is going to reopen the investigation into Shrillery's e-mails. Donald Trump and his supporters are predictably delighted. Mrs Bill Clinton and hers...not so much.

La Clinton's plane sat on the tarmac on arrival at Cedar Rapids IA for half an hour before the front door open and She Who Would Be President came down the airstairs. Questions were shouted at her about the bombshell announcement. Answer came there none. Does that mean that after half an hour or more of thinking, her handlers couldn't think of anything to say? Errr, no. The official excuse is that the plane didn't have wi-fi so they hadn't heard anything about it. Really.

Hellery's running mate [Ed, please insert name here.] said that he needed time to read before he could say anything. What, Walt would like to know, is he going to read? The e-mails?! That would be pretty difficult since, John Podesta says, his team doesn't know what the FBI has, wherefore they hope the FBI will reveal the details so we can all see that there's really nothing there. Yeah, right.

Is this going to make any difference to people's voting intentions, hence to the outcome of the election? One "analyst" for a lamestream TV network said he thought not. Why? Because Mrs Clinton is far ahead in the polls, and millions of Americans have already voted and can't take back their votes, so the issue has already been decided! How's that for unbiased reporting?

Paul Ryan said Crooked Hillary is the author of her own misfortune. And so she is. What Mr Ryan didn't say (but ought to be thinking) is that if The Donald wins, he and all the other rats who deserted the Good Ship GOP will almost certainly turn out to be the authors of their own misfortune. If I were Messrs Ryan, McCain et al., I would issue a statement, right sharpish, saying that much as I was disgusted by Mr Trump's youthful indiscretions, I cannot countenance the election of someone -- Clinton -- whose presidency would be irredeemably tainted right from the get-go. It's my duty as a patriotic American (I would say) to vote for the lesser of the two weevils.

Looks like the next ten days should be lots of fun. I admit I didn't see this coming. (Lifetime pct .992)

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