Friday, October 28, 2016

VIDEO: CBS, NBC play down black attacks on whites in Philadelphia

Let's start with the headline, as it appears on the CBS Philly website: "Temple Students Attacked, Officer Thrown To Ground, Police Horse Punched In Assaults". And here's the video.

OK... What's missing from that report? Walt will tell you. The TV station's very PC news team -- a black man and a white woman on the anchor desk and a Vietnamese-American woman doing the stand-up -- omitted entirely any mention of the racial aspect of the attacks shown clearly in the video. The fact is that the attackers were black, and the victims were white. If you doubt it, watch again. If you are surprised, what planet have you been living on?

The NBC outlet in Philadelphia took exactly the same PC line, even though their footage also revealed the truth that the attacks were aimed at whites.

According to CBS, the violence was planned "through social media" with a message for a "large group of teens" to meet near the campus Friday night. They said that police estimate that 200 "teenagers" were in the crowd at the movie theater at Broad and Oxford and then divided into smaller groups, attacking and robbing other "students", who all just happened to be white.

"Teens" and "juveniles" are code words for non-white, used by the controlled lamestream media when they want to avoid mentioning race. Need I add that if the "teens" had been white, we would have been spared no detail about the "racist whites". But since the attackers were black, if race is mentioned at all it's only to say that the poor, disadvantaged yoofs are angry because they've been "marginalized" and "excluded" from society.

Could there be any reason, other than political correctness, for not calling a spade a spade? Wouldn't have anything to do with the upcoming election, would it? Of course not.

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